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Advice: Two More Thoughts

My advice of making sure you buy the first round when going out drinking (as pointed out, this does assume that more than 1 round is going to be purchased), is essential. There is a corollary to this theorem. I wonder what the best advice you can give is?

If you borrow something from your neighbour, say a cup of sugar or aluminum foil, always pay it back in full. If you borrow a cup of flour, buy your neighbour a bag of flour, if you borrow aluminum foil, buy a new roll of 50 feet. This cheap payback assures you a good reputation as a good neighbour.

Best Advice Ever

When I went off to University, my Father gave me possibly the best advice I ever received that I still use to this day.

I was going away to University, and I had never really lived away from home. He came into my room and I expected a long lecture about how I should work hard to live up to my potential or something like that.

My Father told me that since his parents didn’t go to College (my Grandfather was a carpenter and my Grandmother a piano teacher) the only advice my Father got was from his Uncle. My Father said that the advice was very good so he decided to give me the same advice.

I sat transfixed, waiting for my Father to tell me this advice, and I must admit it was very good:

“… Always drink at least two glasses of water before you go to bed, if you have been out drinking…”

That was it, sounds simple doesn’t it? Sounds flippant as well, but surprisingly I don’t view it that way. This was genuinely useful advice from a man I respect, so I pass it on to my readers, hoping it helps you.

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Even Better Advice?

What is more intriguing is I mentioned this to Larry MacDonald and surprisingly had never heard this advice. Even more surprising is that Preet from Bonds are For Losers had heard this advice and had even better advice.

For those that don’t know water is to stop the dehydration that the alcohol causes, however, Preet pointed out that there is a need for electrolytes as well so you should either drink something like Gatorade, which has those or if you have only water add some salt to it, because that may help with the inflammation that comes with the hangover as well.

Interesting to get good advice, and then have that advice refined like that.

I just wish I had similar good financial advice to give you all, but I don’t.

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  1. There are some forms of knowledge for which it is better to feint innocence just as there some forms of innocence for which it is better to feint knowledge. Now in this particular instance, you two have encouraged, by virtue of your expertise in the cure of hangovers, that you may have visited that state of consciousness, suggesting perhaps, dare we say, an overindulgence in a substance not all condone?

    1. I would put that advice down to youthful over-indulgences, which is part of the University learning experience, but as a more mature parent I of course now do not need this advice, as I only have a small glass of Port on Boxing Day each year….

  2. I tend to mix up the drinking night…1 drink then 1 glass of water. If water isn’t available then I chew the ice in my drink. I learned that lesson after drinking jager with a 6’5″ 300 pound Scotsman. 🙁

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