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Financial Planning: Like Meccano?

When I was a kid, one of my favourite toys was Meccano. A metal building set that allowed you to do some fantastic projects. I include a fantastic crane configuration that I saw at the Kemptville Toy and Model Train Show as an example of the complicated projects you can create from a simple set of girders, nuts, bolts and a lot of time on your hands. I never dared to move to any project of this complexity, but I did enjoy the feeling of accomplishment this toy gave me.

A Financial Plan can seem as complicated as this daunting structure, but it all starts at the same point, and you need to start your plan first and foremost.  Your plan can become something as magnificent as this structure, but it doesn’t have to, start small, pay off a single debt and prove to yourself you can do it, and then move on to more complex goals.

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Isn’t that an Amazing looking project? It started with screws, metal and an idea, and it turned into this astounding structure.

Financial Plans Aren’t This Complicated

The first step is to look where you are, decide where you want to end up, and then plan to join the two points.

Another excellent example was when asked how he made such beautiful statues out of blocks of marble, he answered, “I knock off all the parts that don’t look like the final statue. It’s simple”. Your financial plan can be just that simple, but you need to start on it now.

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