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What Cost a Good Night Sleep? (or how I learned to love Water-Beds )

More and more data is coming out about how important a good night sleep is to your health, and I think I tend to agree with this data. The subject of why you can’t sleep I cover in why are there so many interesting things to worry about at 2 AM. My wife and I slept on a water-bed for a very long time. The first water-bed we had was a full motion bed (i.e. a bag of water), then we moved to a motionless water-bed (we had two of those), but a few years ago we went back to a regular king size bed.

Water Bed
What is a Water-Bed ?

Water-Bed ?

The advantages of the water bed to us were that it was always warm and it was a bigger bed typically. The disadvantages were more unfortunately:

  1. Cats + Water Bed = You better have a repair kit handy (and enjoy waking up very wet).
  2. Back aches due to lack of support (not as important when you are younger).
  3. Sloshing yourself to sleep (you need to burp your bed often).
  4. Once you put a bed in place, it does not move!

This post is not a slagging of water beds, I enjoyed having one, but as I got older it didn’t make as much sense.

Price of Regular Bed

When we bought our conventional bed, it was BLOODY expensive, however I view it as an investment (and we have had that same bed for 7 or 8 years). The bed has served us well.

The problem we have run into is that the sheets we have and the pad underneath have not aged well and for the past little while, I have woken up many nights with the bed in disarray (I blame that on the sheets, I don’t know if they woke me up, but I hated the sensation).

My wife and I went out and spent about $120 on new sheets and a bed pad, and I had no quandary about spending that money. If these new sheets DO help me sleep it is worth as much, if not more than what we spent.

Sleep to me, is as important as exercise and eating well, I hope this helps me sleep.

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