Gone in 15 Minutes

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Friends of ours gave us a small plastic play structure for our back yard about 3 years ago, for our son to play on. That play structure had been handed over to another family who had finished with it, and so we put this toy in our backyard and my son enjoyed it, but has outgrown it (he doesn’t fit in it).

We didn’t know of anyone who wanted this backyard treasure, so I put it out front of our house expecting someone to see it and take it away. A new record was set as it was outside for 15 minutes and was gone (without a knock on the door or anything else). I don’t know who took it, hopefully not someone who is going to try to re-sell it to make money, maybe someone who has kids and needs some fun in the backyard.

Just another sign of how folks are willing to ‘recycle’ older treasures like this and others.

Toy Recycling

Having a double generation family (one group nearly university age and a son in Nursery school), means we can recycle a lot of old toys (that we should have disposed of a long time ago). ┬áIn 2000 Me and My Dog Shadow came out and we bought it for our youngest daughter and she enjoyed it, although it’s voice recognition software was very primitive.

Sure enough, my wife found this old gem in the basement and my son thinks this is the greatest thing, even though the voice recognition software seems to be mostly broken and the dog seems a little lame (one leg is badly bent), but no worries, my son thinks this dog is hilarious and has lots of fun with it.

Luckily, the Furbies my brother gave my daughters all miraculously broke and were thrown out (now there is an annoying toy I hope never to see again).

Is this being thrifty, cheap or showing that sometimes being a pack rat pays off?


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