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Garage Sale Tips

It is that time of the year again, when neighbours attempt to fob off their crap that they don’t want, on their friends, neighbours and complete strangers, yes it’s Garage Sale time again.

A garage sale is great for getting rid of stuff you no longer: want, need, can use, or is usable, however, they are not “get rich schemes”. Your goal is to rid yourself of things you no longer need to make space in your house, not to make $200 selling your priceless Art Bigotti Plate.

If your goal is to make enough to take your family out to dinner, that is not a bad goal, but your dinner should be at MacDonald’s not the Ritz.

I don’t like doing Gar{b}age sales, they are not worth the time and effort (in my opinion), I give things to my Church’s Bazaar, and their Garage Sale and I simply throw things out (which don’t last long at the curb as I have said before).  I do not get rid of nearly enough crap in my house, and if I had to use Gar{b}age Sales to carry out this goal, I’d be waist deep in crap (instead of only ankle-deep, as I am now).

Going to a Garage Sale

I hate shopping, so you won’t catch me at a Gar{b}age sale either (unless dragged there, or to ask someone to move their car). I don’t shop, I buy, shopping is not therapy or relaxing to me, I shop occasionally for special things for my wife (OK, I let the sales lady tell me what to buy), but that is the only time.

Bring $20 with you in cash as your budget (better still $5), that way you won’t buy too much (unless you have a crafty seller like me, who will keep stuffing crap into your bag before you leave).


If you have Gar{b}age Sales and you de-clutter your house with it, Good For You and if you make money selling stuff you no longer need any more, Good For You! Even if you simply give the stuff away to de-clutter your house, Good For You!

However, if you go “bargain hunting” at Garage Sales, Shame on You! You do not find diamonds in the pickled egg jar. If you have Garage Sales and then go out and buy more stuff from your neighbours sales, Double Shame on You! The idea is not to make room for more crap, it is to make more room. If you think you are going to make a fortune from your gar{b}age sale, More Fool You, you are doing it to get rid of stuff, if you think you can get rich on this stuff, sell it on Ebay (good luck).

Stay the hell away from Garage Sales.

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  1. While I agree that “diamonds in the pickled egg jar” aren’t very common, there are times when shopping garage sales can be a good idea. Though I personally wouldn’t buy secondhand shoes or clothes for my children, for those on a tight budget it can be a great way to save a lot of money. Someone who just bought thier first home will need to buy a lot of stuff, and might be able to find lightly-used tools and small appliances. One just needs to be careful not to get carried away and buy crap they don’t really need.
    Garage sales often have books and puzzles, and the owners may be willing to trade you an equivalent item. You get a new puzzle (either for yourself or the kids), and your total “crap” doesn’t increase.
    Another situation: I was recently visiting garage sales to look for a cheap set of dishes and kitchen stuff for my rental condo (which I rent with furnishings included). Having kitchen supplies included with the rest of the furnishings can help attract folks moving from another city, even if the stuff is 15 years old.
    Many people hold garage sales to get rid of their junk, but once in a while you’ll find an old couple who are planning to move to a retirement home/condo, and are selling the things that aren’t junk – they just won’t need it anymore. At one such sale, I picked up a barely used shop-vac for $5, a beautiful glass serving platter for $2, and gave some careful consideration to some the pieces of artwork (my new house is lacking in decor).

  2. ha ha ha…I see we have the same love of “shopping”…but c’mon…admit it…shopping for electronic toys and gizmos is fun…as long as it is done on-line after everyone else has retired! ooppss..there is that word again….and by the way, I hope you didnt offend your daughters with your rant!

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