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Random Thoughts: Clean Up That Garbage

It seems the City of Toronto may return to its normal smell soon, with the garbage clean up beginning today, thanks to the resolution of the strike which has turned parking lots and outdoor rinks into temporary garbage dumps. I am really astounded at how long this strike was allowed to run, without any intervention by the Provincial government. At the least this was a health issue, why was it allowed to take 5 weeks to get resolved? Luckily it has been a cooler summer, however with all that rain, where did all that run off go, Lake Ontario or the ground water around these temporary dumps?

Another smell is rising in Montreal however with the disclosures coming out of the Earl Jones Ponzi scheme as well. The Bon Vivant lifestyle lived by this “financial advisor” is coming out and naturally his victims are not happy with what they are hearing. To hear that someone in the financial investment world was “Living La Vida Loca” is no surprise, but I guess when folks find out how much of their money was used to support this lifestyle they get a little upset.

My Garbage this Week

From the Financial Blogosphere

With the wet days of summer continuing here in Ottawa, I am sure the sales of immersible pumps and shop vacs has been sky rocketing, but in the financial blogging world other topics were brought up as well:

Have a great long weekend fellow Ontarians! I may or may not post on Monday.

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