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Random Thoughts: TGIF

Yes for me TGIF for the first time in a while (no not, “Toes Go In First” (although I do have that monogrammed on all my socks)). It’s exciting fun and worrying all at once to be back on the job, so we shall see what this new endeavour leads to.

Thanks to all the positive comments I have received this week, but remember there are lots of other folks looking around, so help them out if you can too.

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These Guys Is Financial

Another interesting TGIF acronym for the financial articles this week:

Have a great weekend all, I will be recovering from a long first week (after a year any first week was going to be LONG) 🙂

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  1. Don’t forget to blame the Frank Dunn gang. If Nortel hadn’t been distracted with accounting difficulties… who knows? Maybe the ship could have been righted in time.

    Thanks for the mention!

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