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When Your Shredder Overheats…

You know you have made a good start in your secure clean-up of your old Financial Records! Maybe it is time to get a new Shredder though.

This weekend, I attempted to find the desktop that my computer sits on and the floor in the room where I do most of our finance work. This is where I write these articles. Most of this clutter is old bills and old financial statements . Some of the chaos is pictures and other things that I am not sure what to do with. I started using my shredder to dispose of these old records. Remember never to throw out old bills as they can easily be used for identity theft.

I view as “old” anything before 5 years ago (except for anything to do with my taxes which I keep forever right now). I shredded old chequebooks from old bank accounts (closed ones), old hydro bills, bank statements, etc. It felt very satisfying.

The shredder did an excellent job until it stopped, and I noticed a flashing light on the top (a flashing RED light), which I had never looked at, and in fact, I had “overheated” my shredder, and it needed to cool off before I did any more work with it. This gave me a feeling of joy, knowing that I had disposed of that much financial stuff.

I could try to either buy a bigger shredder or find a place that does secure shredding so that I don’t burn out my shredder. The other idea would be to use the shredders at work.

Does anybody else have any exciting shredder stories? No ties in the shredder stories, please.

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