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Open Cables for Cable Companies?

It has been close to a decade since this decision, and nothing much has changed in terms of Cable TV, or telecommunications in General in Canada. The CRTC needs to stop the monopolies and make it competitive. Given the CRTC board is made up of former Bell, Telus and Rogers execs, not that likely to happen.

Rogers’ Cable attempts to lock out Shaw Cable from Rogers’ “turf” seems to have failed with a court throwing out Rogers lawsuit that Rogers claims Shaw has violated a “non-compete” agreement (that Shaw Claims they never agreed to). What does this mean? I really don’t know but if it introduces competition in the world of Cable TV I would be very, very happy. Currently if I want Rogers to replace my Bell phone, I simply call a number and it happens, but if I want CF Cable, Shaw Cable, or Cogeco Cable, that is not possible.

Cable TV
Hundreds of Channels and It Costs a Bloody Fortune.. No Wonder Cord Cutting is catching on.

Would this “open cable” concept be bad or good for the industry? I have no idea, but the CRTC felt it was necessary to do with the telecommunications monopoly that Bell had in the 80’s, maybe it’s time for this kind of a change in the world of Cable TV? Just an idea, but maybe one who’s time has come?

Right now, I pay more than $60 $120 a month for cable, and that is before I turn on the HD box (that I have bought from Tiger Direct, but seems to be lost in the delivery world), once I do that, my Internet Plus Cable charges will be almost $140 $280 a month, which is ridiculous.

My next steps are to fix my wireless bill, but the next service on the list is my Cable and Internet bills, so keep that in mind Rogers Cable.

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  1. I would love to see some competition. I’m forced to deal with Rogers, but friends and family in other areas get to use Cogeco and they get much better value for their money.

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