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Costco Mortgages?

A classic off-the-cuff commentary from 2009. Not sure if this service is still offered in Canada, but it is provided in the USA.

Exciting things you can buy at Costco are aplenty. My wife informs me that she and a friend saw that you could get a Mortgage from Costco (kind of) on Saturday.

My wife and Michael James wife actually went to Costco to see what the Portable Massage Tables (another exciting thing that Costco sells) looked like. These items are not usually in stock, not a high number of sales, but you can order them online. Given that part of their shopping expedition was fruitless, they looked around. After picking up Pizza on the way out (another exciting thing sold at the commissary at Costco), they saw a young man advertising Mortgages.

I have checked on the Costco website, and you can’t seem to order your Mortgage online. It would help if you went to Costco to get a mortgage (the Kiosk may not be associated with Costco, since Primus sells their wares the same way (and they are selling Internet, Cell and home phone something else to check, I guess)). Still, my wife could not get any more information on it, as the young man at the Kiosk was busy with another potential customer.

Does anybody know about this “Mortgage”? Do I get points with it? Do I have to get 10 Mortgages since it is Costco? Do I get free food samples? Do I have to buy a trailer home? Anybody has any info on this “mortgage” or the Primus Internet stuff. Please comment.

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