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Random Thoughts on Turkeys

This week leading into the Thanksgiving weekend suggests there may be a few big turkeys going in the oven (or even into the deep fryer or possibly smoker), with signs of slow recovery, but also troubling job numbers from our extended family south of the border.

Some of My Turkeys

Random Turkey Thoughts

The Personal Finance blogosphere always chocked full of interesting info, continues to stuff the PF turkey in preparation for the feast this weekend:

  • Michael James proves that he does enjoy tinkering with his car in Adventures in Car Repairs I stay away from that kind of stuff for fear of losing my fingers (or worse), but he continues to try to save his vehicle from it’s eventual demise, bonne chance is all I can wish him.
  • Sticking with a vehicular theme Preet at WhereDoesAllMyMoneyGo points out that the U.S. Cash For Clunkers Program May have Worked too well given how much it cost the government and has caused a huge “hang over” afterwards with auto sales plummeting in September.
  • Larry MacDonald is crowing about how fat his One-Minute Portfolio has fattened up, but he should remember the important addage, “Pigs get fat, but hogs get slaughtered!”.
  • Ellen Roseman goes into more detail than I did about Computer Glitches hurt bank clients gotta love it when bloggers circle the same story, must mean it’s really important.
  • Canadian Financial DIY points out some very useful Scam and Investor Fraud Alert Sources which is always useful to have to check whether your 75% a year return investment is a scam or not.
  • The Four Pillars point out that the new Google Street View is Great for House Buyers it’s also very useful for thieves, home repair scam artists, and voyeurs of all genres (but more about this next week). Try it out, it’s fun “creeping” your friends and family’s homes.
  • Gail Vaz-Oxlade shamelessly promotes her upcoming book Debt-Free Forever which looks interesting (and I will gladly review if she sends me a free copy) (OK that was shameless on my part too). Given all that Gail does I am impressed she has time to write a book as well (me I’m lucky if I get the dishwasher emptied every day).

Long Weekend Ahead

With the long weekend I will be enjoying my family so there will be automagic posts coming up, but nothing new until Tuesday where I will comment on the Employment Numbers that are due out today.

Enjoy Thanksgiving, and remember to give thanks as well!

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  1. Hey Allan,
    It was just a quarterly update to the one-minute portfolio. I have been doing them since 2008 (when the updates were showing declines of over 10%). Also it’s a passive portfolio that currently weights stocks 60% and bonds 40%.

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