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Random Thoughts: Flip, Flop and Flu

The Flu Pandemic and the associated hysteria continues on, with folks who are not high risk “queue barging” and then acting holier than thou when others say they have not been vaccinated yet. Interesting exercise in Anthropology this whole thing, makes you scratch your head and wonder what might happen if things get worse?

In da Financial Blogosphere

No real single theme this week in the world of financial blogging but still some interesting posts, none the less:

Snow on the ground in Ottawa, that will hopefully go away, enjoy this weekend!

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  1. Even in a health ‘crisis’, money talks, it seems. A sad commentary on our species. Makes me wonder how we managed to get this far.

  2. Thanks for the mention. The whole flu shot mess has me laughing. I keep seeing ads telling me how important it is that I have the shot, and authorities keep telling people to stay away until those who truly need the shot have had one.

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