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Bank of Canada Doesn’t Like Your Debt

So the Bank of Canada announced in 2009 that one of the threats to the Canadian Economy stability, is that Households are holding too much debt. To be specific:

The vulnerability of Canadian households to a deterioration
in economic conditions has risen in recent years, as
aggregate household debt has increased in relation to
income. There is thus a risk that a shock to economic
conditions could be transmitted to the broader financial
system through a deterioration in the quality of loans to

Household Debt, Assets, and Income in Canada: A Microdata Study- Staff Discussion Paper 2009-7

The report outlines that the levels of indebtedness in Canada are nowhere near catastrophic levels, however, we are heading in the direction that may lead to that kind of failures in the system. Remember I have been a bit of a broken record that maybe it’s time to start paying back debt, instead of picking up more debt now. The report also points out that if the “recovery” dies off and we go back into the economic “crapper”, household debt failures are going to happen a little more often.

There may come a time when lenders in Canada may tighten the purse strings and turn off the credit taps, and that would be an inconvenience but not a big issue to some folks. If they decide to rethink or revisit existing risks in the system that is when we can start seeing interesting scenarios like banks refusing to re-new Mortgages of existing customers (not likely, but if you have debt still a remote possibility).

The only absolute way to not have to face this possibility is to get out of debt and then you have control of your own finances. Much like the only absolute form of birth control is abstention (the Vatican is correct on that one, unfortunately), the only sure way not to have issues with your Debt Vehicle, is to retire it quickly.

(Sorry about the Planned Parenthood reference, one day I’ll write about how Vasectomies are not fool proof either).

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