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Harder Faster

Reminiscing Harder Faster

This was written as Interest Rates were being slashed due to the dire economic conditions. Harder Faster, was the way they went down, but for now they are not going back up the same way. In fact it seems unlikely that they will go up any time soon.

That is actually one of my favorite April Wine albums, but unfortunately it is also the message the C.D. Howe Institute is pushing for Interest Rate increases this year in their report How Soon? How Fast? Interest Rates and Other Monetary Policy Decisions in 2010.

Harder Faster
Harder Faster from April Wine

The report itself is a very interesting read on how and why things have happened in terms of credit and interest rates, however, there is a nasty little recommendation that is in it:

When the overnight rate does begin to rise, the changes must be as aggressive as the rate cuts of 2008 and 2009 with increases of 50 basis points at every announcement date until mid-2011 not seeming unrealistic.

Remember how quick and dramatic the rate cuts were last year? There may be an equal and opposite reaction in terms of speed and rate increase this summer and into 2011, which will cause a tightening of credit and tumult in the bond markets too.

Were you planning on renewing your mortgage, or getting a new one? Might be time to lock into whatever rate you can find now, if you need to, since it seems we are in for a bumpier ride in the interest rate world.

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