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Let’s Roll Up The Rim(TM)

Yes, it is Roll Up the Rim to Win (TM) time again at Tim Horton’s, a time as hallowed as Spring in Canada, causing normal folks to drink copious amounts of coffee to ensure they have a chance to win. What are these over-caffenated folks chances you ask? Just click here to have a look at the rules (that every Tim Horton’s is supposed to have around as well) and chances of winning.

If you read this document closely, you will learn:

  • If you enjoy your Double, Double in Ontario, you have a chance of winning 50% of all the Rav4’s being given away.
  • If you quaff your Regular in BC you only have a 6 in 17,364,000 chance of winning $10,000 (they will give away 6 prizes in BC and they figure to sell that many cups in BC).
  • If you win a Rav-4 don’t hand your rim around, and when you try to claim your prize send it by Registered Mail (Timmy’s recommends that strongly)

It is always important to read the rules in these types of giveaways. It used to be they broke down the number of winners by cup size, but for some reason that data is no longer in the contest rules (it used to be Xtra Large cups had a better chance of winning).

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I always thought that if a Condom maker wanted to make more better sales in Canada, they should license the Roll Up the Rim(TM) from Timmy’s and change it to Roll Down the Rim to Win (but don’t tear). Guess I think too far out of the box for most marketing companies. I suppose a Mohel could also use my idea, but I don’t think they advertise much. Remember, “The rabbi gets the salary, and the mohel gets the tips.”

My other idea, is that Tim Horton’s should sprinkle a few cups in there that say, “Haven’t you had enough Coffee?”, or “Ineligible to Win again this year!” amongst the cups for fun. They’d have to give out a small prize with them, but that would be funny.

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