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Money and Conflicts

I am on a conflict resolution course this week, where I am learning the right way to resolve conflicts (right meaning, how my employer wants it resolved).  So far the best resolution technique I heard, was actually a “bad example” about going out back behind the motor pool with shovels and resolving problems (the way we did back in the 60’s). Sounds fine to me, but I am also highly trained in the manly art of hand to hand combat with a shovel.

Given most folks don’t want to go “shovel to shovel” with their spouse, still the major level of conflict in most homes is rooted in money (hence the root of all evil commentaries you hear from many different religions), some odd examples that come to mind where conflict might arise are:

  • Differing philosophies on how to value money. One spouse believes money is to be used to have fun, the other believes it is to be saved for a rainy day. I believe the resolution here might be Derringers at 10 paces, or divorce court.
  • One spouse hides money from the other spouse. This typically happens when one spouse is nominated or has a coup d’etat and runs “all the money decisions”, and eventually decides this chore should have compensation (and hence money starts going into a bank account unknown by the other spouse). This one might be resolved by Sabres at dawn, or Marriage Counseling.
  • Neither spouse takes care of paying the bills, the conflict is resolved when they are thrown out of their home and/or the power,water and electricity is turned off.  I guess this conflict kind of resolves itself, in an odd way.
  • One spouse comes into the matrimonial home with a big wad of cash, and the spouse to be has  signed a pre-nuptual  agreement (causing the poorer spouse conflict because they feel inferior). This conflict is resolved when the wealthy spouse is caught having slept around, and the agreement is null and void. This is called the Woods Dilemna in money circles (I have heard).

As you can tell, it’s a dangerous thing to send me on courses, because my mind tends to wander a bit too much.

What other Matrimonial Strife can be caused by Money? Feel free to chime in.

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  1. financial management services

    Hiding money from wife is a general issue. But question is how to hide money from her? She has access to my laptop, bank account and even my wallet as obvious. Can you tell me the other way round? something through my finance managemenet.Please Guide me.

  2. A fairly common problem I remember is from decades ago when it was more common for the man to work and wife to stay at home. The husband works long hours to earn money and the wife is unhappy that the husband is never around and spends lots of money to punish him. As stated, this sounds like the wife’s fault, but this scenario can play out in many ways. Sometimes the husband really is trying to stay away from home and his responsibilities there. Either way, though, the whole situation is completely self-defeating. When the wife spends more money, it keeps the husband away more, and when the husband stays away more earning more money it keeps the wife spending more money. And so it goes. Choose your spouse carefully.

  3. well i hide my 20 % income from my wife,well i can’t say is it bad or not but i think it is ok so that i have atleast some amount for enjoying.

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