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Boobs as a Metaphor for Earthquakes?

Dear Gentle Reader, there are days that I can see the topic that I wish to write about as clear as the sun, and then there are days like this. The topic is obtuse and a bit vulgar, my apologies, not sure what the heck it’s about.

Promiscuity Causes Disasters

This was the comment from Hojatoleslam Kazim Sadeghi leading Prayer Leader in Iran, that effectively due to promiscuity and women who dress provocatively, is causing earthquakes, and the only way to stop this is to live a chased Islamic life (I am paraphrasing a little, but I think that is the message). My take is that women dressing alluringly is causing God to be angry, and as we have seen in the Old Testament, when God gets mad, no one enjoys it (ask the population of Sodom and Gomorrah if you don’t believe me).

This is an interesting cause and effect discussion, that I don’t think I completely buy into (OK, I disagree with it, but I don’t wish to sound anti-Islamic in my words), however, this kind of “cause and effect” argument can be seen in the financial world, and while they don’t sound as provocative the Prayer Leader’s statements, you still have to ask, what other interesting cause and effects are out there (financially):

Warning the following list is prepared purely with a tongue in cheek attitude and should not be taken as advice, or the author advocating any of this

  • The reason that most Ponzi schemes fail is that people try to take their money out of them eventually, if these folks had simply left their money in the scheme, everything would have kept working just fine. Perversely this is actually true, however, the scheme can still fail if the scheme owner blows all the money and disappears (and doesn’t keep sending out false financial statements), so you should just keep your money in the Ponzi scheme.
  • The reason the Tech Bubble exploded at the start of the 21st century, was because the Porn industry could not gobble up the bandwidth and technology available fast enough. Obtusely this is somewhat true, if the porn industry could have figured out how to use up all the un-lit fibre in the ground, the Tech Bubble might still be going on right now (after all the Porn Industry is usually one of the first adapters of new technologies).
  • People don’t have problems with credit cards because they are spending too much, the reason generally is they can’t pay back enough, thus if they stopped paying off their credit cards there would be no problem. You don’t hear about people having problems spending with their credit cards, but you always hear about them having problems paying them off! (OK this one is really bad, my apologies)
  • Money is the root of all evil thus spending it is spreading evil, so you should hoard money to protect your neighbours and friends from this evil thing. I think I like this one, it might actually work in a symposium on how to get rich quick. A corollary would be you should steal everything too, because paying for things is also spreading the evil of money.

Are there any I have missed. I think promiscuously dressed young ladies can cause debt as well, and the cause and effect argument is actually much more linear than with the Earthquake comment too (I believe Red Ingle wrote about the evils of “Cigarettes and whisky and wild, wild women”). I know I have spent a quid or two in similar situations (in my younger days).

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