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Random Thoughts: Did it Hurt?

The Big “V” and Awkward Moments

As my friends know I am the person most folks ask about Vasectomies (yes that Big “V”), since I tell stories of both of my Vasectomies (did I ever do a post about that one?), so it was funny (to me) when the Prime Minister of New Zealand brought the subject up, and got an uncomfortable response from some reporters. The question Did it hurt? is the atypical question for men who have not had a Vasectomy. My response is simple, What do you think?, I love answering questions with questions.

No, that is not the best financial topic I could have precursed the Random Thoughts with, but it’s my kind of story, because it’s funny (to me).

Financially, the markets continue to bob up and down like an oil-covered duck in the Gulf of Mexico (and almost as slimy, too). Will the markets stabilize? Will Interest rates continue to double? Why are you asking me, I am no expert, I am more the Jon Stewart of Financial Discussions (i.e. I allegedly report, but I am actually just making fun of the whole thing).

We held yet another meeting of the National Capital Bloggers’ Association, and once again we demonstrated our ability to be thrifty by choosing Kelsey’s restaurant as our venue. In attendance were Larry MacDonald, Canadian Capitalist, Michael James, and myself, while Preet was conspicuously absent. Although we acknowledge that he does not reside in Ottawa, we could not help but wonder if there was another reason for his absence.

My Posts for the Week of June 4th

In case you missed any of my posts this week here is a quick list of them:

Have a great weekend!

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    1. I may be in Montreal during the weekend, but I can’t afford to attend that! I have kids!!! Have fun, and wear hearing protection (I can usually hear the engines from my parents home on the other side of Mount Royal).

  1. It takes a brave man to talk about how his studliness shoots blanks. Or a wise one — as in come into my lair you unmarried ladies and I’ll be your
    eunuch. I bet this post gets lost in the spam filter too!

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