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Whither Tank Man

So Many Years ago?

It seems like only yesterday, but it has been many years since Tiananmen Square and the staggering image of The Tank Man and his resolve against a PRC tank. Who was he? No one knows, and why he did it isn’t known either. Was he protesting, or was he just pissed off at the tank commanders for telling him to move on? Is he alive still (not likely, in my opinion)?

I will give you a fascinating video from PBS about Tank Man and the Tiananmen Square incidents, a critical time for the world, and maybe a time we should not forget too soon either, given that China’s politics is now the 800 lb. Gorilla in the room economically, that no one likes talking about, but isn’t going to leave any time soon either. Economically, China’s might is second to none now, but is that good or bad? I don’t know, certainly worth thinking about, but remember this time in history as a reference point as well.

Front Line Talks about this, well worth watching.

Hey I Want a Finance Video

For those looking for a finance video, here is something else from PBS about the Madoff affair, yes, a popular topic for me, but the more you learn about Ponzi schemes, the less likely you are to get tricked? Hope so!

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