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Welcome to the 2nd Half of the Year!

Yes folks, the second half of the year is already almost a week old, astounding isn’t it?

What have you done so far financially this  year? Have you reached your goals, or are you on track to reach the goals you set for this year? Think about those plans you had in the new year and how you were going to change things this year, have you succeeded?

How about starting fresh right now and setting some easy goals to hit for the second half of the year.

Some Ideas for Financial Goals

These are “easy cheesy” goals, so no excuses folks:

  • Open a TFSA account for yourself
  • If you are married and have kids, write a Will, or update your Will (or find your Will and review it)
  • Open a TFSA account for your wife
  • Fill in your powers of attorney with your wife.
  • Open a TFSA account for your kids over 18 years old
  • Open an RESP for each of your kids below the age of 16
  • Open an RRSP account for yourself somewhere along the way
  • Put $100 into your RRSP (if you have room) at least twice before December 31st
  • Dispose of 1 Credit Card you no longer use (don’t just tear it up, actually cancel the account)
  • Pay all your Credit Card balances completely every month, no matter how hard it “hurts”.

Any other easy goals for the readers to try? Open for suggestions here.

Off Topic: Happy Birthday Dalai Lama, who is 75 years old today.

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    First of all, can you believe the year is already half way over! Whoa! Anyways, love the tips and thanks for keeping us on course with our personal finance goals.

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