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Sometimes it Just Takes a Long Time

The trite statement that a journey of 1000 miles starts with a step is where I am coming from today. I am just finishing up Stephen King’s Under The Dome, a very long book. It is also a very long Book on CD (over 30 CDs in length). I enjoyed the book (I listen to books on my drives to and from work). It has taken a fair amount of time to get through all of the content, but it shows that no matter how big the task, as long as you keep working at it, it will eventually end. Just like audiobooks, long financial journeys take a long time.

Many times, many Personal Finance goals seem much like Sisyphus’ tasks (constant and very pointless). Still, unlike laundry and taking out the garbage (those tasks I do count in the Sisyphean task), if you are trying to pay off debt and you keep at it, it will eventually go away (as long as your plan to pay it off is sensible).

Sysiphus and Personal Finance
Sisyphus and Personal Finance

What types of Personal Finance tasks do I lump into the Sisyphean Challenges list?

  • Paying off Credit Card Debt
  • Paying back relatives you have borrowed money from
  • University Loan pay back
  • Paying off your Mortgage
  • Building up enough in your RRSP to be able to retire

You get the flavour of what I am talking about, the type of task that unless you had a considerable amount of money appear in your lap, it would take more than three years to complete your task.

All Long Journeys Need to Start

My only advice or comment can be, it is up to you to keep up the challenge you have put before yourself, but if you keep plodding along and following your plan, you will eventually succeed.

My next book for commuting will be Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol. Yes, I figure I’ll be lucky to be nearly finished it by the time that Labour Day rolls around, but not starting it means I’ll never finish it either.

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