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Dumber Than Snake Mittens

That Idea is Dumber Than Snake Mittens

I have a Dilbert calendar in my office, and this month’s cartoon has the punch line that you can read on the title of this post, and it is an astoundingly good one-liner. The concept of Snake Mittens is so wrong, it would seem an impossibility that anyone would think this was a good idea, but I bet there is someone out there saying, “That isn’t such a far-fetched idea”, and that kind of thinking is what has got the world’s financial environment to where it is today.

There have been many great Snake Mitten-like ideas down the ages that we can all point at and wonder what people were thinking about like:

  • The great Dutch Tulip Mania of the 1600’s where tulip bulbs were almost more valuable than Gold (Au), what were they thinking?
  • The selling of the Brooklyn Bridge or Florida Swampland futures, and how many folks fell for that scam
  • BreX and how many folks lost their life savings on a Junior Mining stock.
  • The Internet Bubble of the late 90’s
  • All of the latest Cryptocurrency stuff

There are a plethora more of these foolish ideas, but it just shows that no matter how far-fetched an idea might be, someone may think it’s a good idea financially.

So without further wait, here is a Top 10 List Just for you Snake Mitten lovers

Big C8j’s Top 10 Dumber than Snake Mitten Financial Actions

Yup, these are mean-spirited, shallow, nasty and contrived, all the things that make up all the best Top 10 Lists.

  1. Carrying a balance on your Store Credit Card (or any Credit Card)
  2. Using a Pay Day Loan company
  3. Buying Mutual Funds with High MERs
  4. Believing in the concept of Good Debt thus not paying off any debt
  5. Giving your money to an Investment Councilor who claims they can outperform the Stock Market all the time
  6. Buying lottery tickets as your retirement plans
  7. Full Life Insurance, ’nuff said
  8. Hiding Money from your Spouse (or not talking to your spouse about money)
  9. Going on Buying Sprees and then Hiding Your purchases from your spouse
  10. Buying more: Car, House, Electronic Gadget, etc., than you can afford.

Does anybody care to Kibitz or add more to this list? Please feel free. If anyone can tell me where I can get some Snake Mittens, that would be nice too.

Feel Free to Comment

  1. Using a credit card with a large annual fee. Unless it is the only card you can get because of bankruptcy or other financial calamity, DON’T get one.

  2. Additional dumbs moves (in my opinion)

    11. Using non-bank ATMS or competing bank ATMS and paying a fee

    12. Leaving large balances in chequing accounts and receiving no interest

    13. Using credit cards that offer NO rewards

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