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Random Thoughts: Big Wallets & Free Chequing

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Another lazier week for the summer, with many ups and downs on the market, and new services being offered to entice new customers to leave their existing financial services supplier. As the new school year looms on the horizon, many folks are also looking at the impending orgy of spending that Back To School always brings (I look forward to the day when the Labour Day Weekend simply is a long weekend, and not a reason to drive long distances and spend copious amounts of cash).

I wrote about Enbridge and Bill ShenanigansRudeness from Door to Door Sales Droids, My Big Fat Wallet, and Ideas that are Dumber Than Snake Mittens. My video Saturday post was very off topic, but still lots of fun from the NFB, The Cat Came Back (a good reason to have house insurance).

Other posts from other great Financial Minds that caught my eyes include:

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