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Several Random Thoughts for a Long Weekend

10 Reasons Why List Posts Annoy Me

I have noticed a trend in blogging these past few months, and that is the proliferation of numbered list posts (e.g. 7 Effective Trading Techniques of 12 Angry Ducks, etc.,), and yes I have even put a few of these out, but it seems that someone said, The best way to up your readership is to put out lots of numbered list posts (I think I have actually read a few of those ideas on line). Why do I have a bur in my saddle about this? I have no idea, it’s been a really cruddy week at work, and I feel like venting the bile I have built up in the form of sarcastic comments (yes, that is how I normally do things, so nothing new here).

What did I write about this week? I whined about falling for New Services from Bell Mobility, Celebrated 81 Years of Fatherly Advice, asked if Lifetime Maps was a good thing, Asked the trick Question Does Your Money Work for You, and had an An Off Topic Video about Noise and Health.

As for the other more civilized and cultured bloggers, here is a numbered list (no it is not a priority or ranking, I just figured I’d use the ol tag instead of the ul tag on my list this week:

  1. Preet returned from his vacation abroad and then told us about the New American Express Gold Rewards Card, thanks for rubbing it in big guy.
  2. In the immortal words of Admiral Ackbar, “It’s a Trap!”, or at least Michael James writes about A Portfolio Rebalancing Trap, I love it when I can work the Star Wars Trilogy into the Friday Post.
  3. Money.Smarts did some reading as well with their review of Pensionize Your Nest Egg, until it comes out on audio CD I’ll hold off on my review.
  4. My Own Advisor points out Personal Finance and Small Business Parallels, given most households are a small business, it’s a good point. Either way it’s hard to fire the CEO.
  5. Free From Broke gives us a festive post for the holiday I am Tired of Hearing It’s for the Kids, I like that sentiment.
  6. BalanceJunkie bravely gives us their Q3 Financial Update, me I can’t tell you how we are doing, I am too shy.
  7. Jim Yih has some Advice for Boomers who are not ready for retirement, I’m ready for it, I just can’t afford it!
  8. Larry MacDonald wonder if we are In for a replay of the 1980’s, if so, I’ll need to get my yellow leisure suit out of storage
  9. Canadian Financial DIY commented on TD Bank Introduces Clever and Beneficial Savings Tool, which is nice to see a bank doing something good for their customers.
  10. Tom at A Canadian Finance Blog explains Average Tax Rate in a very useful post. Remember that is Mean not Median.

Enjoy this long weekend, hopefully filled with Family and Leaves. For those in the U.S. enjoy Columbus Day too!

Long Weekend Ahead

It’s Thanksgiving this weekend, but worry not there will be a post on Monday, but it won’t have much to do with Money, is my guess. Watch the skies for dropping turkeys!

Weekly Reminders

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“If you find it hard to laugh at yourself, I would be happy to do it for you.”
Groucho Marx

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  1. moneybeagle

    I’m with you. I think many people write them with SEO in mind, thinking that it will bring in readers and search readers and of course the money that goes along with it.

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