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Holiday Regifting in Families

Hand Me Downs = Regifting

The holiday regifting concept has got me thinking about another exciting tradition that has arisen in my family.

My children are in two generations. I have children in their 20’s and a son who is in his teens. The age gap makes for some exciting family occasions, and now, things are even more confusing with grandkids.

Given my son was young, we have had some exciting hand-me-downs. Given he only has sisters, you might think that was not very likely. However, toys are universal (mostly), and this is where the hand-me-downs have occurred. My son’s crafty parents gave some of these hand-me-down toys as Birthday and Christmas gifts. Hence good reduce, reuse and recycle Financially Green concepts come into play for the Holidays.

holiday regifting

My son had four different Elmos, which used to be his sisters (including an original Tickle Me Elmo). He also had both a Woody and Buzz from the original Toy Story movie. Toy Story is a timeless story.

My son had no idea that these toys were not his. He thinks they are his (and new), which is quite frugal (or cheap depending on your point of view), and best of all, he enjoys all of them too. His sisters would, on occasion, complain about how their toys were being “manhandled” by their brother. I still think this is great.

Good Idea Financially?

This reuse of previously bought toys (that my wife had to invest a lot of time to find) can be the ultimate Holiday Shopping Miracle. No money spent, and no time spent standing in lines to get the next IT gift. Maybe some of the more exciting technology gifts might not stand the test of time (we have an original Nintendo that was fun to play Duck Hunter on, but that was about it), but some toys are timeless (e.g. Lego, Duplo, Meccano, etc.,).

What potentially great toys for your nieces, nephews, or your kids do you have gathering dust in your basement? Do you feel funny about holiday regifting? You shouldn’t!

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  2. This is not only good financial advice, but also good environmental advice. In other words, it is simply an efficient use of resources – or, more correctly stated, a less inefficient use that most of what we Canadians do. Within families or not, getting something to the person who will actually use it is simple common sense.

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