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The Airing of Grievances

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According to Wikipedia we were supposed to have the airing of grievances , after our Festivus Dinner, but seeing as we didn’t really celebrate Festivus, let’s have a look at some of the more rant-like posts of mine this year (remember next week, I’ll have some of the best rants about Finance from other Financial bloggers).

“…I got a lot of problems with you people! And now, you’re gonna hear about it…” -Frank Costanza

OK My Man

I had a young man who felt like he knew me, whilst attempting to shill Rogers Cable to me, and thus I wrote an excellent rant OK My Man (Rudeness in My Opinion), which simply points out that you should really know who you are talking to, and whether they appreciate you talk to you in such a familiar fashion (in this case, the simple answer is NO!). He was lucky we didn’t have the feats of strength that day. As an airing of grievances this really pissed me off!

Chutzpah Pure and Simple

How could Chutzpah have anything to do with purchasing a Washer and Dryer? Well you might ask and in More Tales of Chutzpah this connection is explained in gross detail. To sell me something, make me pay for it, and then say you don’t have it in stock, is the definition of Chutzpah.

Money Earned – Money Spent Less Than Zero? Bad!

I was having a particularly bad day when I lashed out at those who chronically over spend with A Real Service for Chronic Over Spenders. At first it started out quite light, and was almost humorous, but I took a fairly dark turn in the middle of it, and it really is more of a rant at the end of it all. If anyone does actually create one of these services, please send me a royalty cheque.

I Don’t Hate Pets

I must preface my post Pet Insurance?!? with this statement, I have two cats, and enjoy having pets, however the entire Pet Care industry has got out of control, and it deserved some of my ire this year. The idea that getting my cat healthy is now so expensive that I must get insurance to deal with these huge costs, is astounding. There are people in North America without Health Insurance, yet a Pomeranian can get insured? Something is not right here.

Why Sunday?

TD/Canada Trust announced that they would be opening some branches on Sundays in 2011, which caused me to ask Banking on a Sunday? I still don’t understand the need for this service, but evidently some of my readers disagreed with my opinion. I still think (as a TD shareholder) that this is a waste of time and money, but I am curious to see whether it is acclaimed as a great idea by the public.

These are but a few of my airing of grievances this year, but these are the ones that I enjoyed writing. Tomorrow a recap of my infamous RESP saga.


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