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Personal Financial Rants

Let the Venom Spew!

Last week I pointed out some of my favourite Personal Finance Rants in The Airing of Grievances. Still, to start the New Year, I have asked some of my Finance amigos to send me some of their favourite Personal Finance Rants to show that they too can join in with the fun.

I won’t hold back when it comes to sharing my personal finance opinions. Whether it’s about banking, customer service, or the industry as a whole, I’m not afraid to speak my mind. In the past, I used to vent my frustrations to my spouse, but they quickly tired of it and told me to let it go. Now, with this website, I can express myself freely and come back to my rants whenever I like. And to my surprise, I have even received helpful advice from readers who can relate to my struggles.

Here are some of the best Personal Finance Rants for 2010, as selected by a judging panel consisting of myself and my two cats. The rants have been divided into three sections, each with its own description of the level of anger and criticism in the actual posts. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Some posts were not included. If you don’t like it, rant about it, and maybe I’ll consist of THAT the next time!

Legal Note: By linking to these posts, I neither condone nor agree with the opinions expressed in the standings. They are supplied as good examples of rants (my lawyers made me write this).

Don Rickles Badge of Honor Recipients

Mr. Warmth: Don Rickles is still one of my favourite commentators on life, and his rants and barbs are world-renowned for their venom, but he usually means them in good humour, so these posts fall into that kind of commentary on Finances.

Denis Leary No Cure For Cancer Gold Circle

Denis Leary’s tour de force No Cure For Cancer crossed all lines and ranted about so many taboo subjects it is what my rants only aspire to reach.

  • Evan who owns and writes on My Journey to Millions has a very philosophical statement Anyone that says they don’t want to be wealthy is just lying, which I agree with. The statement I don’t want to be wealthy is just a cop out. Excellent post, and it has a nifty bull-poop icon, to add to it’s theme!
  • Almost Certainly Not How Carl Icahn Got Started is a scathing commentary by Greg at Control Your Cash, It’s about a welfare queen who wouldn’t stop getting pregnant, so her obstetrician did us all a favor and sterilized her. She’s a shining example of how to get anything but rich. Wow, excellent acid spitting, the kind that I look for in a good rant.
  • Mike at The Financial Blogger goes Old School with a great rant The Future Shop Rant (an old staple of Financial Blogging rant about large electronics stores, I do it myself). It is one thing to have to wait 45 minutes to simply buy a washing machine, it’s another when you have to wait the same 45 minutes for absolutely nothing! Their financing system if just awful! Gotta love it when the post writes itself, almost.
  • Bitfs at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff commented went on a traditional rant with Luxuries are Not Necessities! I saw an article about a professor who’s household is making more than $250,000.  He was complaining that his family still was just barely making ends meet since they “had’ to pay for things like a nanny and lawn care…I just got a little frustrated… That’s OK, you can get frustrated with stupid people, that’s what we are here for.

Sam Kinison Center of Excellence

Sam Kinison, THE Wild Child, was the greatest and will continue to be the ultimate, bug-eyed ranting lunatic, and these posts aspire to reach this level of bile spewing.

  • Sandy at Yes I AM Cheap chimes in with a great rant It’s Your Fault You’re Still Unemployed, My rant was about my friend that kept complaining about how she couldn’t find a job after almost 2 years of being unemployed, but she’d conveniently forgotten that she didn’t even begin looking for a job until at least 8 months had gone by! It is friends like this that keep Financial Bloggers in Business! Excellent Rant!
  • The College Investor comes out with all guns blazing with the post FedLoan Servicigin – The Worst Student Loan Servicer , This company bought my loan under a government program, and has completely mismanaged my account and many others.  Their website doesn’t update regularly, they have horrible customer service…the list goes on. Wow, my eyes burned after reading this one.
  • I really like Rich Dad, Wrong Dad by Buck Inspire, and not just because I don’t like Rich Dad Poor Dad. I went to a free Robert Kiyosaki seminar.  I learned a few things, but I also left troubled, mainly for the other attendees in the room. Yup, when you start being afraid for the other “victims” in the room, you know this is not the area to put your money.

Feel Free to Comment

  1. Thanks so much for including my rant on the $250,000 professor! I enjoyed writing that and really enjoyed all reader participation. Woot!

  2. Thanks for including Boomer’s customer service rsnt. I’m not a fan of Kiyosaki either…and “victims” is the correct terminology for the people buying his books and attending his seminars.

  3. These are great! I’ve already laughed my way through a few and remember reading a few through the year. I guess we all have our moments. I vividly remember Sam Kinison and am happy to be in such esteemed company. Man, he’d have so much material with the world today.

  4. Awesome list of rants and great tribute to Rickles, Leary, and Kinison! Thanks for including me and look forward to more rants from you this year! I have to learn to spew more venom. Fun, cathartic, and hopefully everyone learns something new as well! 🙂

  5. It’s quite funny to read some blogs that financial people write. I like the story of the professor with the $250.000 yearly income who has to pay for his nanny 😉

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