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Sunday Banking and Catsup?

Remember when Sunday Banking started? Heck, I remember when Saturday banking was a rarity, and banks were closed outside of “bankers hours” (10 AM to 3 PM). Banking seems to be here to stay, unfortunately.

I went in to make an appointment with my TD Branch to do Yet Another RESP Withdrawal (follow the link to learn how much fun the last time was), and noticed a sign near the reception area:

Sunday Banking Starts on Sunday February 13th

So Sunday Banking has come to my neighbourhood. I did check with the young lady in reception, and asked if this was just for RRSP season, and she assured me that, no this is a permanent change and my branch will open at noon until 3:00 PM (or was it 4:00 PM, not sure) on Sundays. The tellers will be open, and I can make appointments for the lucky financial schlubs that have to work on Sunday. I asked her if she knew why this might be the case, and her comment was a demure, “I guess we are just lucky that way”.

Interesting, so now all my impulse banking needs can be dealt with! Huzzah!

Better Catch up on RRSPs

To cap this fun story off, I noticed sitting on her reception area, was a bottle of Heinz Tomato Sauce. After I had asked about the Sunday Banking, I then asked, what is with the bottle? Her response is a great piece of guerilla marketing by someone:

“… it is to remind you to Ketchup on your RRSP’s this season…”

Her pained smile when she said that gave me a warm happy glow (as a TD Shareholder that is). That is the corniest idea ever, but I really do like that piece of RRSP selling.

Punny I didn’t Laugh

I really do relish the thought that the bank is mustarding this new advertising campaign.

My cat is so happy that our RRSP will be investing in stocks on his behalf. And believe me, the feline is mutual!

Any other horrible money and/or food puns out there?

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