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Random Thoughts: Election Time

It’s Hard to Budge It

Election fever is hitting Ottawa, with MP’s frantically running about attempting to get their re-election offices in place, and their Anti-[NDP, Liberal, Green, Tory, Bloc] posters printed, and making sure that they have enough chapstick to kiss all the babies they can (and then steal their lollypops). Living in Ottawa gives you a unique vantage point on the Election, because being a Civil Servant, I also get to see what happens to the inner workings of the Government at election time (I believe in Newfoundland that would call it a Shite Storm, but I could be wrong). It’s all fun and games here and will make for plenty of fodder for the Media’s Big Guns, too.

More concerns in Japan about Radioactive fallout and more fallout of another kind in the Middle East continue to drive up Gas Pump prices, which should make the Inflation numbers for this month interesting. However, there are economic pundits who are saying that thanks to a spring election, there may not be an interest rate change until well into the summer. I am not so sure I buy that one, but they might be right, too.

Best quote from the Post Budget fracas? Craig Oliver, talking on Canada AM, commented on the fact that the Finance Minister didn’t placate the NDP’s demands with this budget and stated, “… they were unable to buy Jack off…” um, hmmm…. where was the censor?

Staying more on a personal finance theme this week, I wrote about:

  • Bonds are not a Safe Haven Right Now, but don’t just listen to me, I also quoted our favorite financial media pundit Preet as well.
  • I did brag a little with Bell sent me a cheque for $67.41 but Michael James quipped that I most likely blew all of it and then some going out and celebrating, but I didn’t, I still had money left over to pay for parking the next day.
  • I gave a cursory review in Budget 2011 Canada (Part 1), since this budget is simply a plank in the Tory reelection campaign, after all opposition parties have said they will vote it down.
  • Given the amount of Internet Tom Foolery in terms of security breaches Security for Lent was a very valid topic. It would be a very good idea to change your passwords more than once in a Blue Moon.
  • Random Thoughts: Saint Patty’s Hangover a recap of the best of the week after Saint Patty’s in 2011.

From the Blogosphere

With the budget and impending election most of the financial bloggers had a fun time discussing various parts of the proposed budget and where it might lead us. I think the balanced budget part is a great idea, just wish it was sooner:

Carnivals this Week

I also had some submissions accepted to various carnivals, so go have a read of these as well:

Tark the Shark
No Jerry That is Not Low Fat Bacon


“The secret is to have eight great players and four others who will cheer like crazy.”

Author: Jerry Tarkanian (Former Las Vegas Running Rebels Coach)

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  1. ULT STE. MARIE, Ont. — Michael Ignatieff has smoked pot.

    The Liberal leader faced two questions Wednesday morning from high school students wanting to know what he would do about legalizing marijuana.

    Ignatieff told the students he supports decriminalizing the possession of small amounts so young students are not penalized for a stupid mistake but that he won’t legalize weed.

    When asked by a reporter, after his town-hall with the students, whether he had ever had a joint, Ignatieff said: “I have smoked pot as a young man, yes . . . and it’s one of the reasons why I urge young people not to repeat the experience. It did not ruin my life. I just think there are a lot more important and interesting things to do with your life, including a glass of wine after dinner.

    “Hey, I mean, let’s all relax here.” liberals going to students not even voting yet and say :that dont smoke pot but drink wine instead so don,t be a pot head but be an alchoolic instead wow great and he did smoke pot on top of it

  2. npd said today big company makes bilions of dollars because they evade not paying back in our system the actual gouvernement make the working population pay more because of that cause gouvernement is missing money so we need the money and it is those who work hard the average population to pay the taxes so gouvernement can fonction but this what harper and the liberals wants not the ndp we say those who makes more money should pay their fair portions of it also instead of evading and making those who work everyday to feed their familly having to pay more so no wonder harper and liberals or against npd cause they (harper,liberals )are for the business but to a point to let them do what they want and than pretend they care about population , and npd thinks quebec belongs in canada and would like to include quebec in canada the way it should instead harper don,t really cares about quebec at all even if quebec is the most taxable province of all canada .

  3. The random thoughts covered all the fields very systematically. From the election effect to the personal finance everything is covered.

    Thanks for the mention!

  4. Damn, I missed that Oliver quote – that would have been very funny.

    I hate the fact we are going to the polls again because these politicians can’t get their !@#$ together. Aren’t they elected (and paid) to represent the people? I will never understand how our corrupt system is tolerated by so many.

    Now that I’ve calmed down, thanks for the mention BCM.

    Trust me though, on the subject of debt, if I could have paid cash for my house I would have 🙂

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