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C’est La Faute Du Federal!

C’est la faute du federal is the Chorus/Catchphrase of a hilarious song by Bowser and Blue, a pair of very talented musicians who write hilarious and sometimes very pointed vocals about life and politics (especially Quebec Politics). For those of you who have not lived in Quebec, there is always a “fall guy” if something goes wrong (in all politics really but in Quebec especially), and inevitably it ends up being the Federal Government in General or the PM’s office in specific (most of the times).

Everyone needs their Villains in life, and Quebec’s is the Feds (ironic that as a former Quebecer, I am now a Villain). This is why Quebecers elect the Bloc so often. They send their Vigilantes to slay the Federal Government Demons (I offer this as an empathetic explanation, not as my own opinion).

Financial Villains

I say this as background. This piece isn’t yet another rant by me about politics in Quebec or the Federal Government (but given there is now an election cooking, now would be the time), more that we all sometimes too quickly blame our own mistakes on the Villains in our lives.

  • Why is there no money for Christmas? C’est la faute du Federal.
  • Why did I overdraft my bank account? C’est la faute du Federal.
  • How come I never have any money in my savings? C’est la faute du Federal.
  • Who let’s all those Payday Loan places stay open? C’est la faute du Federal.
  • Who caused the stock market crash ? C’est la faute du Federal.
  • Who called this damn election? C’est la faute du Federal.

You can see it’s a valuable catchphrase (the rough translation is “It’s the federal government’s fault!”), and in some obtuse way, I’m sure you can argue all can be blamed on them too.

Take Ownership

My opinion of folks who always have Villains in their lives (either political or financial) is that usually, these Villains aren’t quite the Red Eyed Hobgoblins that the person thinks and that more likely a lot of issues are homegrown, not the work of some Unscrupulous Villain (or even the Federal Government).

For You Election Junkies a New Theme Song

Oh, and here are the boys now, in the Westin in Ottawa!

C’est La Faute du Federal

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