Vacation Time!

Yes, I will be taking a blog-cation until Tuesday May 3rd !

I will return on that day, hopefully refreshed and full of Vim and Vigour.

Remember Next Sunday is Mother’s Day! Remember to celebrate the Joy and Love that is all our Mothers.

While you wait for my return, browse through some of my older posts, here are some of my favorites to wander through while I relax:

  1. The Best Financial Advice Ever Given
    Well, in my opinion, and an interesting parable from my father.
  2. Fathers and Money
    Again what I have learned from my parents in general, but my father in specific about money and how it is a tool.
  3. Smoking is Financially Chic?
    An odd post I wrote pointing out that somehow it has become chic to be a smoker again (much like it was when I was younger), this and the onslaught of tattoos on the younger generation simply has me shaking my head.
  4. Taboo Subjects with Kids
    Given there really seems to be no more taboo subjects to discuss, is this possible? Yes, have you talked to your kids about Debt?
  5. Should Parents Pay for University?
    Darn good question! My parents paid for mine, I am helping my kids as best I can, but I am surprised by some folks almost visceral response when I mention that. If you can afford it, should you pay for your kids education

And for those of you who want to ask me about Guest Posting, please read Guest Posting: Stop the Madness, please!

Until I write again Gentle Reader, I remain your humble author, write for you in a few days.


Best of: Children

Easter Continues

Given that today is still a holiday here is one more short extract from my Faves menu on children.


As most of you know I have kids and I write about their effects (affects?) on my financial life.

  1. Real World Example: Kids Allowances
    Where I outline a system to ensure kids get their allowances on time. My kids were pretty mad at me until I implemented this system, and as a bonus, I am still watching them (financially).
  2. Kippers
    Not just a salted fish eaten for breakfast in the U.K.
  3. Hidden School Costs
    Not just for universities are there hidden costs in education, public schools rake a lot of money off parents too.
  4. Advice to Future University Students
    No, not money related, but still very useful.

May be back tomorrow, we shall see.

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Happy Easter: Challenge Complete

Happy Easter to all my readers and especially to my Lenten Challenge Participants!

From the Anchor Post Lenten Financial Challenge (which you can still comment on and join our community), we can review who was with us on this journey

  • Sandy at YesIamCheap who is overpaying AND giving up coffee
  • Joe who I am not sure about whether he was joining or saying he was already doing this stuff
  • Anne who is going to make some overpayments
  • Miss T. from Prairie Eco-Thrifter, who is going to cut out some coffee and over pay too
  • Personal Finance is going to add some investing (a newcomer, welcome), which should be fun as well.
  • Kay at Live. Love. Workout has joined in as well, and is adding a Categorical Allowance (using the Quicken she won from us). Good on you!
Daffodial, Easter

Happy Easter, Enjoy the New Beginning

Congratulations to you all for your good works, and your self-control!

I sort of succeeded in my goals, but next year will try to do a better job, or make some more achievable goals.

Easter is a time for new beginnings in all aspects of your life, now is the time to make that change you keep saying you should do one day.

Today is that One Day, so go do it.

Oh, and enjoy your Family and Friends today as well, it is the beginning of so many things.

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Financial Parables for Good Friday

Good Friday

Given today is a day off, and a day I will be spending at Church and with my family I figured I’d leave my readers with a few of my favorite financial parables for Good Friday. I should be back on Monday (or maybe Tuesday, we’ll see).

You’ll find this list and a few others in my Faves menu up top of this.


In personal finances sometimes a lot can be learned in parable format.

  1. Parable: Money and the McDonald’s Play Structure
    How can my son getting stuck in a McDonald’s play structure have anything to do with money? Read and you will be amused to see where I went with this story.
  2. Best Financial Advice Ever Given
    Outlines a parable my Dad told me when I borrowed a large amount of money from him. I have used this parable many times myself.
  3. Don’t Pass it to the Other Team
    How does the Carleton basketball coach have anything to do with finances? Read and you’ll see a long stretch.
  4. The Dangers of Advice
    How I inadvertently gave very bad financial advice to a dear friend.
  5. The Good Wine
    Sometimes you shouldn’t keep things for too long, just like a special bottle of wine I once had.
  6. Fathers and Money
    Not really a parable, but more of a tip of the hat from the man that I learned the most about life from, even though I am pretty sure he is unaware of just how much I did learn from him.

Enjoy your Family and enjoy the new beginning of this Easter.


Muscular Loonie for Easter

The Canadian Dollar now stands at about $1.05 U.S., making it as strong as it has been in the past few years, so what does that really mean? Investors are scared of the U.S. national Debt, for one, and Canada’s commodity laden economy looks attractive to investors as well.

So how shall we celebrate this strong Loonie?

Some Easter cross border shopping might be called for. I don’t think the stores close at all in the U.S. over Easter, whereas the stores in Ontario are closed both Friday and Sunday, so I would guess the border crossing at Niagara is going to be mighty busy this weekend. Other border crossings may be busy spots as well, and I would guess that those border U.S. towns and cities will be glad to see their neighbours from the North spending in their stores.

Money, Money, Money

Mighty Canadian Currency!!

Will the Dollar stay this strong? That’s a very good question. My suspicion is our American cousins are now figuring out what Canada did in the 90’s, that a weaker dollar makes your exports that much more attractive to perspective buyers (around the world). I have seen conflicting arguments about how Canadian industry will deal with the strong dollar, the obvious reaction is concern about being unable to sell our exports because of the strong dollar. The converse argument is that Canadian companies can make capital expenditures and get more infrastructure (i.e. machinery and such) and thus will be able to make their companies more efficient.

Either argument about Canada is plausible, I guess the telling statistic to watch is whether the Employment numbers continue to improve or not. If there are more folks employed, who really cares about the strength of the dollar? Yes it’s a simplistic statement, but the way a lot of folks look at this as well (especially if they are employed).

Holiday Hours

Given this is Easter weekend, there won’t be a traditional Friday post, and there will be not as much action on Twitter either. Enjoy this holiday weekend with your Family, I plan on doing the same.


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