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Financial Parables for Good Friday

Good Friday

Given today is a day off and a day I will be spending at Church and with my family, I figured I’d leave my readers with a few of my favourite financial parables for Good Friday. I should be back on Monday (or maybe Tuesday, we’ll see).

You’ll find this list and a few others in my Faves menu up top of this.


In personal finances, sometimes a lot can be learned in parable format.

  1. Parable: Money and the McDonald’s Play Structure
    How can my son getting stuck in a McDonald’s play structure have anything to do with money? Read and you will be amused to see where I went with this story.
  2. Best Financial Advice Ever Given
    Outlines a parable my Dad told me when I borrowed a large amount of money from him. I have used this parable many times myself.
  3. Don’t Pass it to the Other Team
    How does the Carleton basketball coach have anything to do with finances? Read and you’ll see a long stretch.
  4. The Dangers of Advice
    How I inadvertently gave very bad financial advice to a dear friend.
  5. The Good Wine
    Sometimes you shouldn’t keep things for too long, just like a special bottle of wine I once had.
  6. Fathers and Money
    Not really a parable, but more of a tip of the hat from the man that I learned the most about life from, even though I am pretty sure he is unaware of just how much I did learn from him.

Enjoy your Family and enjoy the new beginning of this Easter.

Enjoy the Festival of Easter!

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