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I promise less services and lower taxes!

What is surprising is that I originally wrote this during the last provincial election, and somehow it still seems to be on target? Wow, politics needs to move forward in the province of Ontario.

Big C8j Party Platform Plank #1

If I actually heard a politician say that I might listen closer (i.e. cut services and lower taxes ONLY, no new services), just because none of them actually have the Chutzpah to say something that makes perfect sense. The only way you can cut taxes are:

  • Cut down on government waste. I cry bullsh*t on any politician who has been elected, if they say that one. All of them waste money in their own offices, so pointing the finger at the government is the pot calling the kettle a darker shade of grey. Every one of them wants to have their own pet projects for their riding too, so no dice on that one.
  • Add no new services, but increase the tax base, so there is more money coming in (Gross). There is more money Gross, so the tax rate on individuals could drop if you wanted to get back to your original Gross Tax Income (I dare any politician to argue that one with me). This is kind of what happened in the 90’s, when the income from Taxes was so high, they could actually start paying down the Debt.
  • Cut services and programs, and not just “wasteful” programs, I mean actual programs. You do that, you are spending less and thus you need less income.

Simplistic? Yup, but the government’s finances and your finances are the same, spend less, and you need less income. Unfortunately like your finances, the government also has a massive debt (not to mention an overspending penchant called the deficit), which they must also pay for (much like your Mortgage or worse your Credit Card Debt).


Broken Liberty

Politicians are not dumb, they know nobody likes hearing that they must tighten their belt, live more frugally and live within their means (hell I say it enough times, and given by the size of my readership, that message is not popular).  Politicians will tell you about all the programs they will help you specifically with (I await the Big Cajun Man Tax Cut (for only me) to be announced soon), but they are always very vague on how it will get paid (usually by the idle rich, or corporations).

As each new program is announced by all parties, ask yourself who is going to pay for all of this? You are, it’s that simple.

And if someone wishes to paint with Tory Blue, Liberal Red, NDP Yellow, Green or Marijuana party Green, I am a Civil Liberterian at heart (i.e. get the Government the hell out of my business, please). None of the parties live up to my hopes.

I guess that makes me Undecided.

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  1. The problem with cutting down on government waste is that once you’ve done it, there are excess government workers. The only way to then actually save money is to get rid of the workers. Governments don’t seem to do this. They only add more workers. Thus no savings.

  2. I think it is far too early to pick a party and ride their wagon. It is not much of a wonder the voter turn out is so poor in Canada given the “options” of talking heads, and sadly, there are even too many of those.

    The promises right now are out of whack. Where is this money supposed to come from? Or will they all just say “2015 – wait for me then!”. Bah.

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