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Random Thoughts: Debate This!

No YOU are Wrong Sir!

Can’t say as I have been watching too closely the election tom foolery this week. Even the debates seemed mostly the nerds taking on the schoolyard bully (in the English debates the bully was Mr. Harper in the French Debates it was Mr. Duceppe), but everyone keeps expecting another Mulroney/Turner type debacle, but these leaders have been too highly coached to make the same mistakes Mr. Turner made. Frankly it was all mostly a big yawn, but Jack Layton making a few “techno-hip dude” comments, which were fun to read about the next day (Epic Hashtag Fail, nice touch Jack).

Lots of talk of changing things to make things better for the Canadian Family, and woo’ing the younger voter and such, but not a lot of new and exciting things either. Maybe I am jaded by the number of elections in the past few years, but this all seems very old hat to me. Gone are the exciting days of Trudeau-mania, now we sort of live in a white bread, dull, colourless political world. No swagger from any of the leaders (Layton’s leather jacket seems to be as bombastic as any of them might go), this election might bore the voters to death if they are not careful.

Some statistics this week, and a few personal finance discussion points from me this week:

As a note, I enjoy all comments (even the ones that question my sanity), and will try to respond to most comments, so please feel free to comment away.

More interesting talking points on the Election and other ideas from our other friends in the Financial Blogosphere:

Carnivals this Week

I also had some submissions accepted to various carnivals, so go have a read of these as well:

Elect Alice!


“We’re gonna win this one, take the country by storm
We’re gonna be elected
You and me together, young and strong”

Author: Alice Cooper (bet you thought it was the new Liberal catch phrase eh?)

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  1. ‘Jack Layton making a few “techno-hip dude” comments . . . ‘

    Well… he is the video professor after all. He knows of all things technological.

    I’ve been reading the platforms trying to find some groundbreaking thing that I can get behind to decide who I would like to vote for. The Liberals promising 12Mbps (1.5MB/s) internet connections available in every community within 3 years is a pretty lofty (and probably unattainable) goal that looks good.

    I’ve never been much in to politics and have only voted the past federal and provincial elections. Usually supporting conservatives. However, I’ll pretty much back anyone that has some good, inexpensive, attainable, realistic goals.

    The NDPs goal to eventually double the CPP benefit and increase GIS to ensure no senior is living in poverty are noble, but kind of scary goals. CPP already takes 9.9% of a persons income (unless you make way more than the cap), so I take it that means they want to double that to 19.8%?

  2. It’s time for the 30 year-old’s to rise up and take control of this election! Oh wait, we’re too busy buying $300 shoes and taking vacations to even notice what’s going on 😉

    Thanks for the mention!

  3. I couldn’t stand that “under 30 is screwed” article. Seems to just be a bit of fear-mongering in my opinion. I’m sure our generation will have its challenges, but let’s not go overboard yet…

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