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Lenten Financial Challenge: Final Week

“The challenge is coming to an end this week, and it will conclude on Easter Sunday!”

From the Anchor Post Lenten Financial Challenge (which you can still comment on and join our community), we don’t have any new joiners to our challenge, but we still have our originals:

  • Sandy at YesIamCheap who is overpaying AND giving up coffee
  • Joe who I am not sure about whether he was joining or saying he was already doing this stuff
  • Anne who is going to make some overpayments
  • Miss T. from Prairie Eco-Thrifter, who is going to cut out some coffee and over pay too
  • Personal Finance is going to add some investing (a newcomer, welcome), which should be fun as well.
  • Kay at Live. Love. Workout has joined in as well, and is adding a Categorical Allowance (using the Quicken she won from us). Good on you!

You are in the home stretch. Keep up the good work!

For me, the debt overpayments continue nicely, let’s see if we can keep this up after Easter.

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