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Vacation Time!

Yes, I will be taking a blog-cation until Tuesday May 3rd !

I will return on that day, hopefully refreshed and full of Vim and Vigour.

Remember Next Sunday is Mother’s Day! Remember to celebrate the Joy and Love that is all our Mothers.

While you wait for my return, browse through some of my older posts, here are some of my favorites to wander through while I relax:

  1. The Best Financial Advice Ever Given
    Well, in my opinion, and an interesting parable from my father.
  2. Fathers and Money
    Again what I have learned from my parents in general, but my father in specific about money and how it is a tool.
  3. Smoking is Financially Chic?
    An odd post I wrote pointing out that somehow it has become chic to be a smoker again (much like it was when I was younger), this and the onslaught of tattoos on the younger generation simply has me shaking my head.
  4. Taboo Subjects with Kids
    Given there really seems to be no more taboo subjects to discuss, is this possible? Yes, have you talked to your kids about Debt?
  5. Should Parents Pay for University?
    Darn good question! My parents paid for mine, I am helping my kids as best I can, but I am surprised by some folks almost visceral response when I mention that. If you can afford it, should you pay for your kids education

And for those of you who want to ask me about Guest Posting, please read Guest Posting: Stop the Madness, please!

Until I write again Gentle Reader, I remain your humble author, write for you in a few days.

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