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Vote Today Canada

No, I am not quite back from Blogcation yet, but I have created a friendly reminder, that if you are of voting age, and you are allowed to vote, it is a moral imperative that you do so.

Voting is the only time when the Government asks your opinion and is forced to listen to your answer (no matter how small you think your answer might be).

Over my voting career, I have had the privilege of voting against Pierre E. Trudeau, Vote No on a referendum and other equally important votes, and surprisingly they all mattered (even the ones for school board trustees, and Hydro board members). Voting is your right, and you must exercise it (and if you don’t, I don’t think you have the right to complain about the government (but that is my opinion only)).

I don’t care who you vote for, but go out and vote! If you don’t know who you will vote for, go and vote, an inspiration will hit you in the booth, and if not, then flip a coin?

Vote Canada!

Then you can sit back and watch the fun on Monday night.

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  1. Frustrating, in the State of New York we don’t really have referendum votes I wish we could get something so straight forward. In the US it is a state to state issue (California seems to have them all the time lol)

  2. its important to vote, i voted today and voted for trudeau, i should focus on voting properly and prepare myself but i did vote atleast. 🙂

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