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Alcohol + Money = Nothing Good

Banks don’t serve liquor on their premises, and more likely than not will not allow you to withdraw all your funds, if you looked drunk (although I could be wrong), yet there are bank branches (ATM machines) in bars, isn’t that an interesting dichotomy? Maybe it’s not a dichotomy, maybe it’s more of an ironic idea?

Banks do actually monitor the transactions from these “white ATM” machines, I know this because when my wife’s identity was stolen (and her bank ATM card was cloned) money was defrauded from a bar in Montreal, but they only managed to make $2000 worth of fraudulent transactions before the bank shut the account down and locked everyone out (including me and my wife). Good to see that the bank will defend it’s assets from fraud, but would they defend it from a drunken client?

I guess the hope that the banks have is that if you drink enough, you won’t be coherent enough to be able to remember your P.I.N. number, but that is naive ( I think ).  The other argument I have heard is that the ATM machines have limits, and you can much more easily blow huge amounts of money on your credit card in a drunken stupor. I guess the story, “… the stripper stole my credit card …” is believable, look what it did for the movie The Hangover ?

Has anyone ever said, “While I was under the influence I made a great financial decision?”, if so, I would dearly love to hear it. This is why Alcohol and Money don’t really mix  (but this is only my opinion).

Any other good Money + Alcohol = “... and hilarity ensues...” type stories out there?

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  1. While I have never heard anyone say they made great decisions while drunk and in a bar I think Fernando has an excellent point regarding the casino ATM machines, those are pure evil!!

  2. Fernando Margueirat

    I am more worried about ATMs in Casinos than in bars. A drunk person has much more restraint than some one with a gambling addiction.

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