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Random Thoughts: End of Days Edition

The Rapture Tomorrow?

Given the amount of rain that has fallen in Ottawa lately, it is easier to believe the End of Days scenario being espoused by our friends down south. Saturday at 6:00 PM EST there will be an earthquake that will signal the beginning of the end for everyone (except the few Christians that God will take up to heaven), that is what is being foretold by these well meaning (if not a little deluded) folks. So I shouldn’t be using a buy and hold strategy on the markets? I already talked about this at length last week with Doomsday and Money but I did want to warn folks that if it does start ending on Saturday, you were warned!.

Glad to see some entrepreneurs have figured out how to make money on this, by offering pet sitting services to those who feel they may be taken in the rapture (evidently they have hired non-Christian pet sitters who will most likely stay and take care of the chosen ones pets). I can’t make this stuff up folks, go look it up.

The looming American Debt Crisis is actually the one thing that has got my interest this week. There are folks short selling U.S. bonds? Wow, now that is gambling, assuming the U.S. government will default on bond pay outs, that really would be end of days (financially at least).

  • The PBS nightly report is doing some excellent work so I included a short video U.S. National Debt, with both a Senate and Presidential perspective
  • Borrowing from the Penguins of Madagasgar, I asked the question How Do You Steer an Elephant? where the elephant is a metaphor for your financial plans.
  • Given the flooding all over North America it was inevitable that I would write Controlled Levee Breaks where again water was a metaphor for debt.
  • I noted the passing of Peter Burns in Long Term Disability Insurance, Peter was a victim of Nortel’s disability insurance debacle.
  • Given the impending debt crisis in the U.S. I am Sorry Sir Your Card is Being Refused seemed apropos. Note the Canadian Debt may be smaller, but it is not insignificant either.

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“The world began without man, and it will end without him.”

Author: Claude Lévi-Strauss

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