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Teaching Kids About Money

I tripped across this very interesting report from our friends at PBS Newshour (seems to be the de facto news source these days) about Sesame Street and it’s new program to teach kids about money, but it is about other things as well, which is worth watching.

Lots of interesting comments on the American populous and their ability to understand money and saving.

As part of his continuing coverage of Making Sen$e of financial news, business correspondent Paul Solman reports on how “Sesame Street” friends Elmo, Grover and Cookie Monster are teaching children smart ways to save and spend money — and how many adults could use a refresher on the basics of saving for the future.

Grover and the Marshmallow Test

I love the interview with Grover about where he learns about money, and he learns about the Marshmellow Test too. This is teaching kids about money .

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  1. Teaching our children self-control and to delay gratification can be a life-long skill that could carry over into financial situations and decisions in their adult life. Sesame Street is an awesome educational tool and it’s wonderful they are teaching our children about money skills!

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