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More from the Throne

So on Friday we had the Throne Speech for 2011, and some excitement, with a Senate Page taking her opportunity to become the new Canadian Media Icon (aka 15 minutes of fame (to quote Andy Warhol)) by holding up a stop sign shaped sign that said:

Stop Harper

What are we stopping Harper from doing? Using the Throne? Sorry, I couldn’t resist this. The Page was fired on the spot, although various Glitterati are now rushing to her defense and say she shouldn’t be fired for this act. I think the punishment fits the crime, but then again, I am still trying to figure out what we are stopping Harper from doing, so maybe I am biased.

Words from the Throne

No Not That Kind of Throne!

The Governor General His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston (to be exact), congratulated all the newly elected members of parliament and welcomed them to the 41st Parliament, yee haw (OK I added that last part)!  Evidently all parties have agreed that there must be a more civil tone in Parliament this time around, I give that pledge about a week before the show boating, expletive hurling and ridiculous remarks start again in vengeance (maybe the Page wanted to Stop Harper from being mean in Parliament?).

Some useful highlights from the speech include some of the following choice quotes (that will most likely be elaborated on further today in the budget (which Larry MacDonald may be locked away for, so hopefully Larry will have more fun stories about the Budget Lock Up as well)).

  • “…Jobs and growth will remain our Government’s top priority. …” , good to hear given most of the kids around the age of my children are not actually fully employed, they simply have 3 part time jobs.
  • “…Our Government’s plan will put us on a strong footing to resume paying down the federal debt, further cut taxes on families and continue investing in priorities…. “, I love when we talk about Debt Reduction and Tax Cuts at the same time, it’s so, oxymoron-ish.
  • There was a section “… Here for Hard Working Families…”, um, is that a shot at me? I may be lazy, but I deserve some breaks!!!!
  • “…The Government of Canada has no more fundamental duty than to protect the personal safety of our citizens and defend against threats to our national security….” , good to know that too, that is one of the things I look for from my Government is security.
  • The Conclusion portion had the best paragraph: “…Building on the careful investments and decisive actions of the past five years, our Government will move swiftly to deliver the next important phase of the Economic Action Plan. Our Government will reflect the courage Canadians show in meeting the challenges of today and their determination to rise to those they see on the horizon….”
  • And if we continue to move forward, not backwards, sideways, not forwards and ever whirling we shall soon achieve our goals and vanquish our foes (paraphrasing from the Simpsons, and no this wasn’t in the speech either).

Yes, if the Page hadn’t stepped forward this whole thing really wouldn’t have been worth writing about, but stay tuned for the budget on Monday!

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