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Saving Money by Saving Gas

In keeping with yesterday’s helpful post about how we get into debt, here are some very helpful hints on how to save some money, by saving some gas this summer. One of my biggest expenses these days is the high cost of Gasoline (over $1.20 per litre in Ottawa these days), so saving money on Gas would be very useful, I have not tried all these helpful hints, so I cannot either condone or endorse any of them:

  • Take the bus to work, yes that will save you a lot of money on gasoline, because you are now sharing the cost with your friends on the bus. The savings isn’t absolute, since you have to pay for your ride with either tickets, or a bus pass (which in Canada is deductible, so useful none the less). You can meet some interesting folks, get some reading done, or possibly just stare out the window and talk to yourself (weirding your fellow bus mates out).
  • Borrow your friends car: yes you are being a deadbeat, but this is how my kids save money on Gasoline, they take my car and they leave it empty and then it magically refills itself. You could car pool too, but then you would feel obliged to share the costs (unless you are a putz).
  • Borrow some gas from your neighbor, some might call this illegal, but siphoning someone else’s gas is very cheap (OK, it is illegal, but it does save you money). If you live in my neighborhood, I have a locking gas cap, so forget about getting it from me.
  • Run, Walk or take a bike this could really save you some money and you get the health aspects of it as well (thus you don’t need a gym membership either). As long as you don’t have to run, walk or bike on a major highway this is a great way to save money on gas, and hopefully your office has showers, or you might get a new nickname at the office too (say Stinky or Sweaty).
  • Other Alternate transport, you could hire a summer student to take you to work in a rickshaw, or have them pull you in a wagon, not sure if you’d save much money, but you would save a fair amount on Gasoline.
  • Work at home this is the best way to save money on gas and your car, leave it in your driveway. If your employer allows you to work at home, this is another great way to save money on your car costs. Coffee breaks are a little dull, and there are less folks to chat with in your kitchen (than in the cafeteria at work), but these are sacrifices you’ll have to take.

You end up saving money on parking costs too, not just gas with these solutions as well (and if you do it habitually, you can get your insurance premiums lowered if you aren’t driving your car every day to the office).

Big Gas Saving Question

Do you really need a car?

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  1. I like the bicycling idea; it serves more than the purpose of saving money to put towards my savings but I’m also getting the health benefit of exercise. The more money I can put towards paying off my debts and staying out of debt, the better and I’m getting healthy while doing it. Sounds like a great plan to me!

  2. “Borrow some gas from your neighbor?”

    OK, an option, but probably not a good one unless by borrowing you plan on giving it back later? 😉

    Definitely some interesting posts of late Sir.

    Have a great weekend!

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