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Random Thoughts: Happy Canada Day!

Canada is 144 Today

The old girl doesn’t look a day over 135, but yes Canada celebrates Confederation today, and luckily it falls on a Friday, so we can all enjoy a long weekend (except those in Service Industries who have to be at work tomorrow). This year in Ottawa we have the added excitement of having the new hot couple with Prince William and his new bride, which means there is no reason to go to Parliament Hill (you won’t be able to get near it). It’s kind of weird to watch the festivities on TV, knowing I could take a bus, and then watch it from 700 yards away instead.

The year is pretty much half over now, holy cow! It’s been a tumultuous year for a lot of reasons, but hopefully it will start calming down a bit? No, I am not that lucky, I get the feeling this is going to continue on as another action packed year of fun and frivolity. Oh, and you now have less than 6 months to plan Christmas as well (just being helpful).

With all the construction going on at my place I did manage to get a full compliment of posts out this week:

  • On Saturday I put up a simple post to stay with the previous week’s getting out of debt theme with How to Get out of Debt, pretty straight forward isn’t it?
  • I first pointed out the impending Christmas in 6 Months ’til Christmas (and Oldie but Goodies)
  • With Carnival of Personal Finance #315: Bring on the Long Weekends there was an anthology of good personal finance posts from the past week as well. Hopefully this hosting will be less controversial than the last time.
  • Replacing windows can help the value of a house and with Model Home Version 0.1 I point out the advantages of new windows and the things you can learn about how your house was built, when you rennovate too.
  • A recurring theme on my blog is planning for the worst and with What is Your Financial Plan B I point out that sometimes life can make sudden drastic changes that you need to deal with, or at least have an idea of how you might deal with it.
  • The most disturbing financial news for the week (other than all the fun in Greece) is in post Yikes: CPI hits 3.7% and Gas to Blame, now gas prices seem to be moderating, but not really dropping, so what will that do to the economy?

I actually enjoy all comments (even the ones that question my sanity), and will try to respond to most comments, so please feel free to comment away. For you spammers who continue to inundate me with your drivel, keep it up as well.

With the European economic system teetering on the brink of collapse, and with Canada Post returning to work there was a fair amount of good commentary this week in the financial blogging world:

Carnivals this Week

Not only did I host a Carnival this week, I also submitted posts to a few carnivals:

Other Bookkeeping

Canadian Flag

Canada Day or Dominion Day or Whatever les Quebecois call it.

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