Of Debt Ceilings and Credit Limits

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The past week I have done a lot of commenting on the impending credit apocalypse in the states, so naturally a great deal of my tweets also had something to do with credit and such, which is kind of fun too.

For those who are not regular readers I recap on Sunday my tweets for the week which are usually from my OBG collection (Oldie But Goody), thus from my vast collection of previous posts from the past 6 years.

  • With Patience Can Pay Well, I discuss the importance of sometimes spending some money to save some money, and how it is important to show some patience with folks who work in the service industries too.
  • As ┬áMonday I was commenting on the current employment numbers I also felt it important to look at the Employment Numbers for June 2010 as well.
  • With Case Study: Credit Crunch I discussed the interesting quandary credit card companies put us in, and how hard it is to lower your credit limit (it still isn’t easy).
  • He has Lunch Out So I can, I point out the interesting ways that money can be a nasty weapon in matrimonial fights.
  • When you find money isn’t it obvious where to put the money? With see the obvious I summed up my point of view early on.
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