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What you Need

What you need is what you have. Life is just that simple for most of us. I know many folks that are working incredibly hard, and making lots of money, some saving it, others spending it, but at the end of it, do you need all of the things you want, or do you already have what you need?

Another way of putting this that Michael James asks is, “How many yachts do you need to water ski behind?”, and it’s an excellent question. Is that what you need?

what you need
Want vs. Need ? Seems a little out of kilter here…

When I was younger, I kept thinking I needed so many things, but how many did I need? Many of them are clutter in my house now, others have been thrown out, while others I just decided I didn’t need (or they became so pricey I gave up on them).

What do you Need?

So what do you need? What do you have? Maybe, but it depends on what you have.

  • Do you have your health? If you do, keep it, fight to keep it, stay in shape, stay healthy, and live a long life. What do I mean? Violet Large donated (most of) $11 Million that she won on the lottery and died yesterday, all that money couldn’t buy her health back, but she did the next best thing (in my opinion).  Health, if you don’t have it, get it, and if you do, keep it simple. Health is what you need.
  • Do you have a group of family and friends around you that you are happy with? If you don’t, work on that, and if you do, treasure this and move on. Remember as my Dad said, “… you are born with your family, there you have no choice that is why you choose your friends very carefully…” (I hoped he implied you had to love your Family no matter what in that statement as well). Friends are what you need.
  • Do you know how much money you need to live on for a year? A month? A week? A day? If you can’t answer that question, you are in trouble. You must know how much money you need (not want, not for all the crap you covet, the money you need to live) to live each day, week, month and year (and if possible the rest of your planned life). Figure this one out, or you will always need more (and you’ll never have enough). Money is what you want.

Is This Hard?

Yes, but if life was easy, there wouldn’t be idiots like me telling you how to live it, now would there?

What do you need to live? How are you going to get it (that is the next hard question to ask), and can you do it (the meaning of life, really)? (I should stop watching so much Gordon Ramsay, my inner hard ass comes out a bit too much at times).

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  1. This reminds me of what I heard growing up: Who is on their death bed saying they wish they would have worked more? Having more things usually means working more and less time with family and more spending. Spending more time with family, less money and going with what we have sounds like a much better option.

  2. We live a rather simple or low profile lifestyle. We do all the things that are important to us such as travel, go out and enjoy ourselves without spending a lot of money.

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