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Risque Topics and Debt (visit to the Vaults)

I hope these risque topics (financially, that is) brighten your Sunday a little.

  • My writings on Lead us Not Into Temptation did fit in well with last Sunday’s mode. I was only writing about financial temptations.
  • One thing that can destroy any relationship is money and hence my post Stress and Money which points this out, it also has a neat video about parents who stress too much about their kids’ sports.
  • With Pay Day Loans: NO, NO, NO! I tried to get across the point that these modern-day loan sharks are the last places to use; however, if you note all the advertising on that page is for Pay Day Loans, that’s ironic.
  • I decided to bring back Money For Pretty Much Nothing, when they lowered the rates to as good as nothing.
  • With the new Learning Bond, I figured revisiting one of my favorite topics RESP: Lessons Learned was well worth dusting off and showing again.
  • My spicy Friday post was Financial Bondage, which surprisingly is pretty tame, but the pictures in it are quite zesty.
  • I found an amazing Model Train show which had an amazing set of models so I then decided Financial Planning is like Meccano, with a picture of one of these amazing models.

Enjoy these old chestnuts, and enjoy your Sunday.

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  1. I have to say my favorite article in the vault is ‘Lead Us Not Into Temptation’. I especially don’t understand paying so much money for a coffee, so that’s a fairly easy one not to fall into. All of your examples were excellent and I find myself asking the question all the time as to whether I can avoid this financial temptation somehow. If the answer is yes, then I’ve just saved money and it feels great!!!

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