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Risque Topics and Debt (visit to the Vaults)

This past week my visit to the vaults to bring back older posts (on Twitter), brought me some old chestnuts that I had forgotten about, and I got to chuckle again at my own odd sense of humor. Hope these risque topics (financially that is) brighten your Sunday a little.

  • My writings on Lead us Not Into Temptation did fit in well with last Sunday’s mode. I was only writing about financial temptations.
  • One thing that can destroy any relationship is money and hence my post Stress and Money which points this out, it also has a neat video about parents who maybe stress too much about their kids’ sports.
  • With Pay Day Loans: NO, NO, NO! I tried to get across the point that these modern day loan sharks are the last places to use, however if you note all the advertising on that page is for Pay Day Loans… ironic?
  • I decided to bring back Money For Pretty Much Nothing, when they lowered the rates to as good as nothing.
  • With the new Learning Bond, I figured revisiting one of my favorite topics RESP: Lessons Learned was well worth dusting off and showing again.
  • My spicy Friday post was Financial Bondage, which surprisingly is pretty tame, but the pictures in it are quite zesty.
  • I found an amazing Model Train show which had an amazing set of models so I then decided Financial Planning is like Meccano, with a picture of one of these amazing models.

Enjoy these old chestnuts, and enjoy your Sunday.

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  1. I have to say my favorite article in the vault is ‘Lead Us Not Into Temptation’. I especially don’t understand paying so much money for a coffee, so that’s a fairly easy one not to fall into. All of your examples were excellent and I find myself asking the question all the time as to whether I can avoid this financial temptation somehow. If the answer is yes, then I’ve just saved money and it feels great!!!

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