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Random Thoughts: Market Meltdown 2011


Who Caused this Mayhem?

Now we are having pundits arguing what is causing the latest stock meltdown (i.e. is it Debt Crisis in U.S., Debt Crisis in Europe, straight market correction or Aliens Manipulating us from Planet “X”), but I really don’t care, explaining why this is happening now is not what I want to know, how the heck do I make money from it, is what I want to know. It seems we are having more and more of these corrections and as technology keeps spewing information to us faster and faster (with less and less accuracy) is this just a function of our times? I don’t know but when you could only read about stock problems in the next day’s paper life seemed a little simpler.

Unhappy to see parts of London ablaze at the hands of it’s own residents. I don’t completely understand all the reasons behind it, but I find it interesting that the “rioters” (read thugs) were using Blackberry Messaging to communicate with each other because they thought it was private and then when they found out RIM was going to turn over the communication logs, a group of hackers attacked the RIM website. Wonder if these events were in any way connected? I think anybody who assumes a commercially available communication system is secure to communicate on is living in the 1900’s! (IMHO)

Most importantly the NFL starts again this weekend (OK exhibition games) which is great news (OK Mrs. C8j isn’t as happy as I am). Plenty of time to watch burly young men smash each other to pieces all in the name of entertainment, selling beer and making money!

Given the viserale response of the markets to all the latest financial news the subjects from my site were kind of all over the place:

  • I found a very interesting video on the National Film Board Site called After the Axe which hit home for me. Anybody who thinks lay offs are easier the higher up in the food chain you get, needs to think again.
  • My Jobs and Sunday’s best was it’s normal review of my tweets for the week as well as a biting commentary on the brewing financial frappuccino of crap.
  • OK news with Employment stalls a little for July in Canada (2011) at least we didn’t lose jobs, but still not very heartening news either.
  • With the new Planet of the Apes movie coming out I figured I’d play an homage to the original movie with It’s a Mad house, A MAD HOUSE! (financially again).
  • Staying with a Hollywood angle on things I remembered the phrase Anybody seen my financial ass? which is how a lot of investors must feel after this week’s shenanigans in the markets
  • Even Mrs. C8j kicked in with a subject this week: Student + Credit Card = Mayhem? anybody who hands a kid a credit card and the first thing they teach them is how to pay the minimum per month should be handed a live grenade with the pin removed (metaphorically speaking).

I actually enjoy all comments (even the ones that question my sanity), and will try to respond to most comments, so please feel free to comment away. For you spammers who continue to inundate me with your drivel, keep it up as well.

Now that we are in the throws of a full financial cluster flock and the Brits are in the middle of civil unrest there were some itneresting comments by other bloggers this week:

Other Bookkeeping

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“You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!”

Author: Taylor (Charleton Heston) from the Original Planet of the Apes

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  1. If you’re a value investor you can pick up good stocks in volitile times when they get oversold. Or become a broker then you don’t care if it’s going up and down because you make money each trade

  2. Wrong is the new right. I think that’s wrong. 😉

    Thanks for the link – I’m 50/50 on making it out to Ottawa for the meeting, but that’s better than 0/100.


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