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Tax the Rich and Eat Them Too

That is what the Wizard of Omaha (Warren Buffett) said out loud and in front of the cameras (OK the eat part is mine). Tax the rich ? Has he lost his mind? I don’t know, it may well be the most brilliant move to throw another monkey wrench into the confused monkey house that is the American Government.

CNN Money brings us a very nice interview that sums up the Buffett view that even though he seems to pay only 1/2 the taxes normal Americans do, he thinks he should pay more, and the poorer folks, should in fact pay less. Sounds sensible, tax the lower classes less, and tax the rich more? What is wrong with this?

Not sure if the Filthy, Stinking, and Rich folks in Canada have the same point of view, but I’d love to hear from them. If any of the idly rich folks in Canada who read this site have an opinion, please just leave me a comment (yes, I figure the cardinality of the set of Filthy Rich Folks who read this site is about nil).

Mr Buffett’s views on tax the rich

Tax the Rich ?

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  1. We’ll when you’re been the richest man on the planet and you still live in a little suburban house and play bridge you probably realise you don’t need all of that cash

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