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Bank Fees (a video discussion)

Louis CK was a good comic (he is a bit blue in his delivery, and his reputation is now in the toilet due to many asinine things he did), and in this interesting little video he vents about one of my favorite topics, bank fees, and how banks deal with you if you have no money.

The phone call about not having enough money (in the bank) really does sum it up nicely. If I don’t have enough money, it’s going to cost me money?

I need to have $1000 in my bank account for my bank not to charge a $12.95 a month fee, which is amazingly strange if you think about it, but once you start getting down to near Zero, this is not as much humor, as “welcome to my life”, so please heed Louis’ comments on this topic.

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Always have money (I think that is what he is saying, maybe he is saying, having no money sucks, which I agree with too).

Louis CK on Bank Fees (NSFW)

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