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Debt: Nailed it!

So one of the new catchphrases these days is that if you think you have done a great job on a task, you announce, “Nailed it!”, thus showing how good you are. What I am also enjoying is the fact that some very funny folks are taking this term and standing it on its head.

With this in mind, I give you some classic “Nailed it!” moments in the area of debt:

  • Using a payday loan to pay off your Large Box Store credit card,  Nailed it!
  • We couldn’t afford to pay for the mid-size sedan that we bought, so we traded it in (with only 1/3 paid off) and managed to be able to afford a Canyonero Class SUV on a new lease, Nailed it!
  • I broke my mortgage with a higher interest rate, and thanks to the penalties for breaking the loan, I ended up paying the same amount monthly, but I now have a lower rate on my mortgage. Nailed it!
  • Borrowed more than my house is worth, so I could buy nice furniture, and appliances and make a down payment on a new car lease, Nailed it!
  • My Visa card was at the limit, so I got a Mastercard from a different bank to get some more stuff, Nailed it!
  • I owe over $17,000 in discretionary credit, but I have a great credit score, Nailed it!
  • I can barely afford my own mortgage, but I have co-signed for a loan for my brother-in-law, it shouldn’t be a problem, Nailed it!

Any other Nailed it! Moments that I have missed?

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